Hone vs home

hone vs home

Before you go correcting someone's use of home in or hone in, be sure you know the definitions of the two so you get it grammatically correct. Does a plane home in on a target or hone in on it? Does a musician hone her skills or home them? Are these two verbs interchangeable or do. hone in vs. home in. Most usage commentators consider hone in to be a mistake for home in. The use may have arisen from home in by the weakening of the \m\.

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Hone vs home I would use home-in as more of a…. Nikhil Khandekar July 28, at Paul B August 18, at I think we should embrace the variety of expressions found in our language and appreciate the richness such variety brings us. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston January 08, at Casino kempten work in a machine shop and the term "hone" does not mean to sharpen. Except "hone in" is grammatically incorrect because "hone" is an intransitive verb.
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Did you just learn facile today and must use it frequently twice in one sentence? I think the reason people like me like it is because it gives us the information we need to make our own choices rather than laying down the law. Home is where you live, where your stuff is, is where the heart is, and all that. It is sharp or it is not. In order to hone my communication skills I decided to home in on this helpful article. To direct one's attention; focus. Jasper - this is from my blog: I'm currently working on a blog post on 'first ly , second ly etc. Unlike the dumbed-down use of unique, which has destroyed the value of a word that was "unique" in it's meaning or, perhaps, singular , the morphing of home to hone, while almost certainly coming about through misunderstanding, has some logic behind it. Idioms Interesting words Loanwords and loan phrases New words Redundancies Wordy phrases. Genuflect December 21, 0 Comments. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. First, your statement is patently false. Jason mann not get personal. I don't normally defense sports casters, but "hone in on" just sounds more edumicated. I had never heard of "hone in" until I saw it here yesterday. But of course that's nonsense. August 28, at 4: Levi July 05, at Lynn, your misunderstanding of how to differentiate between hone and home hinges on your use of the word "in. The type of evolution you seem to espouse will eventually lead to us all being a bunch of hip hopping jive talking purveyors of text speak. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston July 15, at Sunday Times Sri Lanka.

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